Booooooo Scotts Valley – as if the bee’s don’t need a break.

The lovely city Scotts Valley, Ca. adopted a new ordinance yesterday “allowing” home owners to have bee hives on their property for pollination and honey collection. A newspaper article’s headline in the local paper makes it sound like a great new plan.

“Bees will fly free in Scotts Valley: Leaders approve new rules allowing backyard hives”

Key points in the ordinance that I just love…

Requires applicants to notify neighbors of the planned hives and when the planning decision will consider the beekeeping application.

Beekeeping permit fees would be charged at the planning staff rate of $124 per hour.

Wow great! Does it make any sense at all that you can’t just have a hive of honey bee’s in your own backyard without having to run it by the whole neighborhood and pay a fee?  And you have to fill out an application? WTF?!!!! Thank god I live in Boulder.
The full article is here.

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