Butchering a whole hog – La Cocina

Whole hog butchering at La CocinaToday we attended a class on hog butchering at La Cocina with Ryan Farr.  Ryan is a local San Francisco chef who started offering butchering and sausage making classes last year.  His company, 4505 Meats, makes and sells home made Hot Dogs, Sausages and Chiccharones made from whole LOCAL hogs they butcher themselves. Ryan offers a wide array of butchering classes including, whole lamb, whole hog, sausage making and more. The hog we butchered was about 150lbs. and completely cleaned of all hair and offal.  It was a great class for beginners because all of the “gross” was taken out beforehand.  Ryan demonstrated each major cut to the whole carcass and then split the hog in several pieces so a few of us could work on a portion of the hog.  We ended up with a “prosciutto”, ironic.  skinning pork belly at Ryan Farr's whole hog classWe also skinned the belly in order to wrap it into a beautiful pork Roulade. The entire animal, including the head, was butchered down to edible pieces and split between the class attendees.  We ended up taking home about 25 lbs of pork.  Lastly, we got to taste some of 4505 meats sausages and hot dogs and got a special treat.  Ryan cooked up the hogs brain in butter for us all to try.   Butter fried pigs brains - ryan farrPretty fantastic actually!

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