BeeKeeping Class at Love Apple Farm

Kathy Niven gave a very informative class on the basics of Beekeeping saturday at Love Apple Farm in Ben Lomond.  Kathy’s enthusiasm for beekeeping got me super excited about getting a few hives to add to the farm.  Beekeeping is a complex hobby and requires time and constant attention to detail.  Because of the pending storms in our area, we were not able to see her do a complete hive inspection on the two hives she maintains at Love Apple Farm, however it gave her a chance to address some key points about the bee’s behavior when weather conditions change and that was really interesting. All the basics were covered and Kathy and her husband  had some wonderful anecdotal stories to give us all some perspective.  They also brought tons of ideas on putting everything the Bee Hive creates to use, including this great idea for a fire starter.

Bee’s Slump Fire Starter

After melting down wax from your hive, take the left over black residue, bee parts 🙂 and other yuck from the strainer and ball it up in a golf ball sized chunk.  Wrap the ball with a layer of dryer lint.  Then, place the ball in a cell of a cardboard egg carton and, viola!!! Fire starter for your wood burning stove, fireplace or fire p


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3 Responses to BeeKeeping Class at Love Apple Farm

  1. Brian says:

    Glad to hear everything went good. Do you know if there is going to be another class anytime soon?

  2. fattoriacattivera says:

    Bee Keeping classes at Love Apple Farm go from January – June.

    You can find out more about their classes here

  3. fattoriacattivera says:

    FYI – Love Apple Farm will be hosting it’s first Bee Keeping class at it’s new location.
    October 10th. click the link below to sign up!

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