Fall/Winter Garden – finally producing

Our Fall/Winter garden has started to come into full bloom with lots of delicious veggies and greens for us to eat.  It’s not easy waiting all those long months for something to happen but it is well worth the wait. The Broccoli Raab shot up from a few nice days of sun.  We had to pick it fast because there were already some pretty yellow blossoms forming on our tallest crowns.  The Kohlrabi is always productive and delicious.  They are the first of the season to go into the kitchen. Spinach and lettuces are not far behind.  We have seen major progress with the Romenesco Broccoli and cauliflower.  I see a peek of different color florets coming out of each plant. The peas are going gangbusters and I think they may make it through the winter without a cover.  That is is we don’t have another frost.  I covered the broccoli and Tuscan Kale over the beginning of the fall months and I wont do that again.  I think their growth was stunted by too much moisture in the ground.  We lost a broccoli plant to some fungus as well. Without a doubt, the star of the show is the Dwarf Meyer Lemon tree.  Its popping with color and producing perfect little lemons. With the exception of Milo pooping in the lettuce patch, I feel like its been a success.

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