Chilli peppers and cheap thrills.

growing chili peppersIt’s amazing how much a small thing like having your own chilies can make your day, or month for that matter.  I can’t fathom the amount of dried chili that we use on a regular basis.  We have crushed red pepper on the stove right next to the salt and pepper because it is used just as much.  The two chili plants we had this year were our fist go at growing the spicy fruits ourselves.  We didn’t have high hopes.  Thanks to some good advice on peppers from Brian Skilton, we had a successful crop and that carried over to the chilies.  Now, we have about 100 perfect, red chilies drying in our kitchen.  fresh chili, tomato, basil and mozzarella saladWe used them in every dish, even if it doesn’t really make sense.  We are beyond excited about it.  Every time I look up at those little guys I’m overcome with pride.  It’s pretty ridiculous actually.  You may think its pathetic, but the proof is in the pictures 😉

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