Tearing out Tomatoes

amending raised bedsOh woes me…its time.  The tomatoes have slowed down on their production and there is a big storm coming.  I can not believe how short the season was.  We had some some success and some failure and a lot of sauce stored for winter.  Each plant was ripped out of the ground today, 10 in all.  I’ve got 42 lbs. of usable green tomatoes to show for it, now I just need to find something to do with them.  Pickle? Chutney? Fried?  I found a website with a decent amount of green tomato recepies. Its a good place to start and at least get some ideas. The cages will be stored and the beds amended. removing tomato plants for winter New seedlings of broccoli, cauliflower and kohlrabi will replace the towering tomatoes. It’s a sad day for sure.compost and soil amendments

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