Planting out and hooping up for fall

planting fall seedlingsNow that all of the summer crops, sans a few pepper plants, are out of the ground and into the compost, we have a lot to do.  Planting seedlings of broccoli, cauliflower, onions and kohlrabi. Seeding broccoli raab, tuscan kale, lettuces, spinach, fennel, and shelling peas.  The chickens are helping out too.  They finally have ventured down the hill out of the backyard for the first time on their own.  Two brave girls got in the action tilling the soil in one of the raised beds and adding some nice nitrogen to the mix. The weather has been soooo odd.  A heat wavekohlrabi seedlings brought fast germination for all of the seeds but the brassicas seem uncomfortable.  Thank goodness for a good rain and some more normal fall weather patterns. row covers and cold frame constructionRow covers seem to be good for the spinach and lettuces but the fennel are having a rough go at it.  I only see a few brave little guys peeking out of the sunniest part of their bed. Up go the hoops just in time for our first frost.  It’s amazing that our entire street was covered in white the other morning and then a few blocks down the hill, nada.  The joys of living in the dunes.chickens helping out

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