The Wine in Greece

Canava Roussos Santorini Winery The wine in Santorini was worth a post of its own.  I have never been a fan of white wine, but, in Satorini, they have their own exclusive varietals which are crisp, refreshing and delishious in the hot Greek weather.  We hopped on our scoots and took off around the island for some wine tasting.  First stop, Canava Roussos.  grapes drying in the sunA very well put together outdoor tasting room with a small theater for events.  The wine was fairly good and it satisfied the tourist in all of us. They made a decent Vin Santo. Someone who will not be named…did doughnuts in the parking lot before we realized that there were several hundred square feet of grapes laid out ther to dry for the desert wine.  Whoops! The second stop was …….. We weren’t even sure it was a tasting room and the reception we received was less than friendly. However, this was the best wine we had on the trip and once we warmed her up…our pourer was more greek wine grape wreathesthan friendly and full of information. The wreathes hanging on the walls are very common around Santorini.  The Greeks grow their wine grapes low to the ground and weave the vines in “basket” like circles to protect them from the wind.  Once a vine stops producing or dies, you have this nice wreath to hang on the wall – fantastic.  Our last stop, let’s just say santorini wine museumwas a tad odd.  There was a wine museum which had a tour that was included in the 6 Euro tasting fee. Words cannot explain the strange things we saw in the museum, you had to be there. I wouldn’t necessarily reccomend it unless you were looking for some major indoor entertainment while you were on the island. Overall, it was one of the most memorable days of the trip.  Everyone was happywine tasting in santorini.

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