Who is eating my pumpkins???!!!!

I was so excited about my beautiful, huge, dark orange Cinderella’s Carriage pumpkin.  I only had one fruit all summer and I have cherished it.  Finally about a month ago, we started seeing signs of more little pumpkins forming along the vine.  I seem to get really excited about the silliest things these days but it was a big deal.  I had three softball sized fruits and one football sized pumpkin coming along nicely.  One day last week, I went out to water the squash and…SON OF A…!!!!!!! Something had used its tiny little teeth to carve huge wounds in the side of my soft delicious baby pumpkins.  WTF???? Im so pissed.  I couldn’t believe it.  I left them there, hoping that whoever was doing it would keep munching on the ones they had already damaged and not go after the largest of the new fruits.  Was it squirrel’s? Was it rats? What would do that??? They have left everything else alone.  Well guess who is eating my pumpkins? You decide for yourself.chickens in the garden

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