Read “Heat” get obsessed with pasta.

forming pasta doughOver our vacation, Jon read a book called “Heat”, the story of a writer who works for Mario Batali at Babbo and then goes on a culinary adventure to learn to cook in Italy. The book describes in detail the painstaking way the Italians make their fresh pasta and the pride they take in getting the texture perfect “like a cat’s tounge”. rolling pasta dough through the machineSo, here we are, once a week, spending 2 or more hours kneading dough, letting it rest, rolling it through our expertly modified pasta machine, thanks dad;), cutting and drying fresh pasta. It does taste great and the texture is “like a cat’s toungue” but after all that work, your back aches and you just need a glass of wine. drying pararadelle

And a big bowl of pasta.home made pasta with tomato sauce

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