Salsa season

red peppersWith an abundance of peppers finally creaping up on us and the tomatoes obviously out of control, Jon finally hunkered down to make some salsas.  First, a super fresh salsa fresca with onion, cilantro, tomato, lime, chilis, jalepenos, salt and pepper.  We’ve had it with tortilla chips and on tacos and it’s my favorite so far.  The second was a roasted tomato, tomatillo and pepper salsa that was pureed.  He first charred the veg on the grill pan and them cooked them with onion, salt and pepper to soften them.  Then, he pureed the salsa with the stick blender, adding some lime at the end.  The result was a lot sweeter than we expected.  I guess that is what you get from vine ripe tomatoes!roasted vegetablesroasted vegetable salsa

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