Pizza Again with the Cattivera posse

traditional pizza doughWe have been pretty much killing it with the BBQ pizza lately.  It’s my favorite meal so far from the “farm”.  In fact, we have made it so often that I dare say we may get sick of it.  I’m eating it hot off the presses as I type actually and there might be yet another pizza entry like this, and this in the near future.  This particular evening, with almost all of the Cattivera brothers present (and the wives) we made about 8 pizzas.  We had the best combinations so far. With the help of the fabulous dough from Trader Joe’s, we could all do our fair share of drinking instead of kneading.

Picture 18Summer squash, mozzarella and squash blossoms.
Traditional Margherita with Mozzarella di Buffala
Olive and Mushroom

and the best ever…
Potato, caramelized onion and rosemary pizza yet.
Yeah, I will even say it was better than the best “Antica” potato pizza ever, and no Truffle oil in site!

Not bad for a tiny balcony in Sac!

the best potato pizza with onion and rosemary

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