Damn you Jamie Oliver (i secretly love you)

I have to say, I was completely obsessed with “Jamie at Home”.  So much so that I watch the reruns when they get caught on the DVR…more than once or twice. Uhhhhhhgggggg! I bought the cookbook so I could recreate some of the amazing homey dishes that he cooks on the show.  In the tomato episode, he makes home made ketchup.  He warns that it is a time consuming task, but with a load of tomatoes in the garden, I was cocky enough to try it myself.

ingredients for making home made ketchup

The recipe I followed is from the cookbook, but I later discovered this other gem he has on his website.  I will try that one next because the first was a bit too sweet for my taste. Let me just preface the lovely photos with this statement so I don’t rush back into making ketchup again anytime soon. MAKING KETCHUP TOOK ALL DAY AND IS H-A-R-D. So much so that after taking a shot of all the ingredients and the cooking pot, I stopped taking photos all together.simmering ingredients for homemade ketchup

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