The chickens and the grapes

our little red henThe chicken’s have left their comfort zone and ventured down the yard to the grapes.  They had no idea what they were missing out on. For the past three days they have worked their way through our 5 fruiting grape vines and plucked every last little fruit within their reach.  chickens eating grapesAt first we were a little offended.  Those things weren’t easy to stake up and this is the first year since we staked them that they have fruited.  But, oh well, the fruit that the chickens can reach is pretty low to the ground.  Some are already dragging on the ground attracting flies so I guess its no big deal if they eat those.  Hopefully we will still have some for ourselves.  The other thing that the chickens have discovered is that our back yard is like one giant dust bath heaven. chicken mid dust bath I have never seen chickens take this many dust baths before.  Why not, if the opportunity is always there right?

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