Cinderellas Carriage.

pumpkin startWe have two pumpkin vines. Lumina, a white variety, and Cinderella’s Carriage, a large orange variety. However, they have not been very productive.  About a month back we finally got one female flower to blossom into a fruit and it looked pretty pathetic. The lucky girl was our orange Cindy.  Lumina, not so much.  She is still struggling. The days went by and our precious little pumpkin began to grow. Jon was a little disappointed because it seemed that our Cinderella’s Carriage, was going to be yellow.  Blah according to him.  Well 30 days later, here we are with a basketball sized “carriage”.  If this is any indication of how this baby is going to grow, we are in for it.  Cindarella's Carriage PumpkinCinderella’s Carriage PumpkinEven being completely shaded now by nasturtiums and Corn, she is well on her way to greatness. Pumpkin soup, pumping gnocchi and pumpkin pie are in our futures.  Can’t wait for Thanksgiving.

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