Oh delizioso pomodoro – come ti amo.

vintage wine heirloomsWhy can’t you just be ripe already? I know that I will be cursing your name when the end of summer comes and I am spending my nice days inside canning and drying you, but I just want a Caprese salad.  Early Girl Tomatoes ripeningIs that too much to ask when I have 25 tomato plants outside? My basil is ready, its more than ready. I have been buying the bulk Buffalo Mozzarella at Costco. Everything is in place, but you.  They are so pretty and red, just not red enough. Zogola and Early Girl are well on their way to overwhelming me but aren’t quite there.  This evening, while watering, I spotted my favorite, Vintage Wine, hiding some gorgeous specemines under its leaves. Look at the green stripes!!! IT IS MAGIC. Some people (not my husband) like to jump the gun a little and pick you too soon. Your still good, but not AMAZING. So come on little tomato, pedal to the metal.Zogola Heirloom tomatoes

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