I think I got a little excited…

Waltham Butternut Squash plant …when I planted the cucumbers. I know better. I should have never put them in a bed with so many other things. But I never had any idea what a bed hog the Butternut Squash would be!! That thing only has two fruits on it. Why does it need so much space? So I sacraficed the poor little pickling cucumber, its almost dead. The other cucumbers, lemon and persian, are being strangled by the Waltham (butternut) and in turn, they have begun to try to strangle the green beans. Yikes:(
How the Eggplants are managing to do so well, I do not know. Somehow, I think they are enjoying the shade they get from the Paddypan squash that has taken over everything else the Butternut hasn’t gotten to. Sorry for you Paddypan, the Butternut is on your tail and his little tendrils are up your you know what. cucumber plants
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