Saving Sunflower Seeds

dried sunflower head and seedsMy Sunflowers are absolutely amazing. I had no idea that they would do so well with such little care. I bought them as 6″ seedlings at the UCSC plant sale in April and some of them have now grown taller than our one story house!!!!! giant sunflower The added bonus is the bee’s are totally loving them. There are several varieties, all bearing seeds for eating. Not us, the birds.  I would love to have a big pile of fresh garden sunflower seeds to eat but I’m not fast enough.  I want to start saving the seeds for planting next year, but it seems im am a little too late for some of the varieties. Most online sources say to cover the flower head of your sunflower with a panty-hose or sheer fabric to keep the birds from getting to the seeds, but seriously? What is the point of having them if you cant see them? This one is bursting with flowers and is right outside our bedroom window. bright sunflowers in the gardenEvery morning I look out the window at this huge “bush” of flowers and I feel like I am in Italy:) I love our farm. Ahhhhhh. Farm life.

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