Visiting O’O Farms in Maui

O'O Farms Maui, HIWe just returned from a fantastic week long vacation in Maui. The local restaurant group which owns Pacific’O, i’O, and Feast at Le’Le have started a biodynamic farm called O’O to supply their restaurants with vegetables and fruit. The farm gives tours which include a great meal cooked on-site by one of the chefs from one of the restaurants. The farm is expanding from fruit and vegetables to coffee and even has its own roaster. Horned Chameleon Maui, HIWe were especially impressed by the funky “Buddha’s hand” citrus fruit they grow for its zest. Volunteers and employees work the farm full time to keep it supplying the restaurants with beets, lettuces, chard, herbs, tomatoes and a variety of citrus fruits. They have multiple greenhouses and a compost tea system which they have built themselves. We even saw this super awesome horned chameleon while we were there!!! Greenhouses at O'O Farms

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