Outstanding in the Field with Jamie Lauren!

Jamie Lauren's Strawberry GazpachoSunday we went to a farm dinner hosted by Outstanding in the Field. The guest chef was Top Chef Aulumni, Jamie Lauren. We were welcomed at Martin’s Beach in Half Moon Bay by the super nice staff and given Rustic Port Pate on crostini with Guiness Mustard and Apricot chutney paired with Stag’s Leap Viognier.  We spent about an hour lounging on the beach, drinkin wine and checking out the awesome view from the private beach.  Beet Salad with Harley Farms Goat CheeseThe long table was set up against the cliffs and each diner was asked to bring their own plate to add to the table.  The dinner consisted of a beautiful strawberry gazpacho with local Strawberry’s, a local greens salad with beets and Harley Farm’s Goat Cheese, H&H Fish, Whole Black cod with sunchokes and greens and Wheatberry biscuits with cream and rhubarb from Pie Ranch Farm.  The meal was excellent and it was really fun to sit at the long table and eat family style with all of the other guests.  Outstanding in the Field has really got the system down with these dinners and they make it well worth your money.  Our server was very knowledgable about all of the dishes and the wine.  Two representatives from Stag’s Leap were there to talk about the wines as well as answer questions about the winery. Outstanding in the Field farm dinner Half Moon Bay We were lucky enough to sit next to Heidi and Hanz of H&H Fish, so we now have the inside scoop on the local farmers market sceen. Their black cod was amazing simply prepared by Jamie with lemon and herbs. A highlight of the day for us was high tide coming in and huge waves crashing onto our end of the table:) Jeff Denevan, the founder was out on the beach with Hanz and others shoveling sand into a make-shift wall to try to soften the blow.  It was somewhat successfull but we still got wet. I almost lost my shoe!

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