Chick update

3 months in and we are almost fluff free on the chick front.  We are down to 4 hens. We had to say goodbye to Lyla, who ended up being a very noisy Rooster who we’ve dubbed Lilo. Luckily, we have a sucker for animals just down the street for a friend and she took his sad little crow to her coop where he will live with Dixie, Midnight Runner, Polly and Clementine. Plus some ducks.
Picture 2

The compost bin was their previous stomping ground but they are moving on up.
The chicks are now pullets and have been exploring the yard on the weekends while we build their enclosed run.
We got an AMAZING coop for them from Cool Coops, in Morgan Hill and they love it! Last weekend was their first foray into dust baths and it was histerical.

Building a Coop

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