We want to start a farm, they say keep a journal…

For the past 2 years the two of us have discussed our desire to start a farm and more specifically, a farm restaurant. We have built 4 raised beds , planted asparagus and artichokes in the workable area on the side of the house and planted olive trees. I have started to take a multitude of classes on Composting, growing Heirloom tomatoes, winter vegetable gardening and keeping chickens.  I’m trying to teach myself cheese making and bread baking as well.  All the while we are both holding down a full time business to bring home the bacon (until we can get some piggies). The overwhelming theme of each of these classes I have taken is that all of these things are a work in progress and take dedicated study and observation.  Most successful gardeners keep a journal or their progress so they have a reference year after year of their trials, failures and successes.  So…here I am.  I have tried using a written journal but seem to keep loosing it in the piles of clutter that get left around and you can’t post photos in a journal without some major scrap booking skills and equipment.  Hopefully, this blog not only serves as a record of my work but as a memoir of our attempt at our dream. Yay!

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