Planting Olive Trees

Today I am planting 2 of the 8 olive trees that we used as decor in our wedding 3 weeks ago.  I have never planted this before so I am starting with the varieties that I care the least about.  I think I will get a brief break from the rain we are having this weekend so here goes.

olive-5gal1We have 4 Mission, 2 Frantoio, and 2 Coratina olive trees.  We got these babies from our pals at Scarborough Gardens in Scotts Valley. Our goal is to get enough trees to have our own small olive grove and cure them for eating. Eventually we would like to make olive oil but we have yet to find a press within a reasonable driving distance.

As noted before, I care the least about the Mission olives. Mission olives are actually very good but not normally used in the olive oils I prefer so they get to be the test subjects. I hit up our local farm supply, Mtn. Feed & Farm, in Ben Lomond for all my soil amendments and supplies.  They have the best selection and price on all my organic and natural garden goodies.

I wont go into detail here, but if you want some fantastic instructions on how to plant olive trees, soil requirements, irrigation and a ton of other olive related information, check out the Santa Cruz Olive Tree Nursery website.  I ran across them in a Google search for olive trees and I was astonished and pleasantly surprised that they are local.


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